Photo Trip to Wickham Park

Photo Trip to Wickham Park

AV Green Flowers

It was one of those perfect July weather days, the kind where just the right combination of sunlight and summer coolness make the conditions ideal for a day of snapshots at a park like Wickham.

I was a bit worried at first however, when I suddenly realized just how much walking was about to take place(these days I walk the park without batting an eyelash). I was almost certain that some of our photographers would be less than amused by the lengthy hilly hike. But complaints there came none as the class set about snapping shots like fish taking to water. Its like that sometimes when there is adventure to be had, and this day was no exception.

Birds in the aviary strutting and shaking feathers, bob white birds bob-whiting, and a china white peacock, it’s ivory tail cascading off it’s perch all added to the experience and inspiration for the day.

AV White Peafowl

After the aviary, an unhurried meander through the sensory garden added a bit of zen-like contrast to all the action and really helped to reel in the excitement some, being in the moment a little more.

Oh, and the flowers! My silly words won’t do most of them justice, thus I’ll refer you to the pics. But the begonias in particular, shimmer in my mind’s eye with a subtle iridescence on both leaf and petal.

Finally, one last stroll to crest the park’s main hill, and the group’s vista opens up to a Manchester p.o.v. of Hartford city, coinciding with the upcoming show (tie in points!). The pictures, (and a few shameless selfies), feature Hartford’s skyline, which remind this blogger of an 80’s future vision city.

It’s kind of funny. Excitement and calm, cities and nature, I guess you could say it was a yin-yang kind of end to a beautiful mid-summer week. And here’s to your middle path as well. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Post by: Ben Reyes
Photos by: Angel Valdes