Studio Clean Up

Studio Clean Up


The artists at Art Connection Studio gathered to do a full studio clean-up. The studio is shared by over 35 individuals, and things can get messy fast! One of the highlights of the studio is how well everyone comes together to make the studio run smoothly and present the program in such a positive light.

The artists brainstormed several ideas of how to better organize their supplies. One solution for the slew of paintbrushes was to build a custom paintbrush holder. The supplies were in-house and during the assembly process several artists helped. The artists were also awarded certificates for participating in a proper brush cleaning crash course. They were so proud of their achievement!

We had a pow-wow with the artists to review the guidelines of how to keep the studio clean and encouraged teamwork on keeping the shared space tidy and functioning. The cabinets are organized and supplies labeled. The new brushes are standing clean in their holders, and the artists are ready to create more art for the upcoming exhibitions.

Post by: Tara Rogers