Cityscapes Mural: Part I

Cityscapes Mural: Part I

The artists of Art Connection Studio have recently begun work on a large mural of the city of Hartford.  The 4ft x 8ft mural will be the centerpiece of our nextexhibition – “Cityscapes: Uncommon and Familiar Beauty” and will celebrate Hartford, CT, and life in the city.

A friend of the studio built the surface we’re working on and our new Artisan Woodworker, Omar, has ensured that we’ll be able to hang it securely to the gallery wall.

The artists have started to sketch in some notable Hartford landmarks – the State Capitol, the Carousel at Bushnell Park, the Colt Building, and of course, Arbor Arts Center – our home sweet home!

We’ll be taking photos as we go so we can share our process.  Please stay tuned!

_DSC1449    _DSC1358

Post by: Katie Akin