Cityscapes Mural: Part II

Cityscapes Mural: Part II

All of us at Art Connection Studio are feeling the pressure as the date of the show draws near. We are busy finishing artwork and getting the studio in shape for September 26.

Earlier this week, when working on the mural of Hartford, we were feeling really stuck.  We took a big step back and began to rework much of what we had completed.  The mural felt too rigid, too tight, not like us at all!

To loosen up, we painted with brushes attached to the ends of long sticks – just like the artist, Matisse, would do.  Painting like this lets you see the big picture and engages more of your body in the process.

Once we were able to loosen up, we added more color, more life, and more landmarks special to Hartford.  We also added one of the key elements in making art at Art Connection Studio – FUN!

This mural is a big job, but if anyone can handle it, it’s the artists at Art Connection Studio!

_DSC1970    _DSC1954

Post by: Katie Akin