The Looms Are Back at Art Connection Studio!

The Looms Are Back at Art Connection Studio!

The light radiates in through the large mill windows, reflecting on the heddles, highlighting  the vibrant threads intricately woven  through  the warp. The balance of metal, wood and soft threads intrigues those who pass by.  The looms are back at Art Connection Studio.

True relics from the studio’s inception. The looms bring back the heart and soul of how the studio was originally formulated. Jan Koopmans, the original mastermind behind the weaving studio, trained current facilitator Tara Burke to carry on the craft. Tara is excited to introduce weaving back into the studio. The weaving class will be working in conjunction with the fiber arts class for the upcoming Spring exhibition. The warps that have been completed will be cut off and turned into patches for stuffed creatures, pillows, and pockets to complete some current fiber arts projects.

IMG_0059   141_1966


Post by: Tara Burke