Spring Silks

I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t ready for this winter to be over. We are searching for any sign of spring we can find. At Art Connection Studio, Spring has landed! Check out these ties, handkerchiefs, and scarves that are sure to bring spring to any outfit. The artists at Art Connection Studio have been busy creating these beautiful pieces made from 100% silk.

Each piece was created through the process of hand dying, which required dipping the silk fabric into a colored dye bath. Through careful manipulation of the fabric in the dye bath, the artist was able to create the popular ombre effect of graduated color on the material. Each artist was able to create new, beautiful colors within the silks by experimenting and mixing the dye colors with curiosity. Another technique used was marbling. This entailed mixing water and methocel to achieve a thickened liquid that allowed the dyes to sit on top of the water. This thickened liquid is called a size. The fabric is then able to pick up the marbled design created by each artist when dipped against the size. During creation, crowds of other artists joined the silk studio as the silk pieces were lifted off of the size, magically absorbing the pattern that was once on the size. It was very exciting and fun to watch. The pieces were then set using either a chemical dyeset concentrate or by ironing. After drying, the silks are now permanent and ready to wear.

You will be able to see these and the many other exciting pieces for sale at Art Connection Studio’s next gallery exhibition, April 24th from 4pm to 8pm.

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Post by: Shannon Marone and Jill Fowler