Felted Creations

Our upcoming exhibition, Glimpse, is less than one month away and our artists are working hard to complete their beautiful handmade pieces throughout the studio.  A new modality brought into the studio for the past two shows has been a fiber arts class called felting.  In felting, artists are taught how to transform natural, or naturally dyed, sheep’s wool into fabric that they can manipulate by sewing or sculpting.  Artists have been using a wet felting technique, which involves irritating the wool with soap and water.  The artists vigorously rub and roll it in order to shape the wool in a certain way.

For our upcoming show, our artists experimented with creating felted vessels, or open containers.  These were soon transformed into a variety of treasures including coin purses, jewelry boxes, bird houses, and purses.  Artists were able to further alter their pieces by embellishing them with felted beads, embroidery, zippers, and hand dying the wool to their liking.  It’s amazing to think each piece started as fluffs of wool and some imagination!  Each piece is a true one of a kind.

You can see these felted creations at our upcoming gallery exhibition, Glimpe, on Friday, April 24th from 4-8pm.

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Post by: Shannon Marone