Totem Dolls

When you step into the Totem Doll workshop, it’s a little bit like stepping into another world of sorts – a miniature world where silliness rules and music, dancing, and color take center stage.

The dolls truly start life as just an idea – a character with a personality and spirit all its own. After the artist hand sculpts the doll’s head from polymer clay, it’s off to the bendy wire body and lots (and lots) of multi colored yarn wrapping. Finally, the Totem Dolls receive their finishing bits of swag and are then posed to show off their wacky personalities and party with their buddies before (hopefully) starting their new life as a Totem Doll for a few lucky show goers.

Take a look at these colorful creations and ask yourself, which Totem are you?

SY totem   totem 3   VF totem

totem 9   group totem   totem 8

totem 6   glimpse dolls

Post by: Ben Reyes