Woodworks Custom Projects and Frames

Still less than a year old, the Woodworks shop breathes in and exhales a fresh breath of air, as a young child would who’s living in the beauty of spring as if it were his first time. Woodworks has become the new “home” for a passionate Artisan Woodworker/Instructor and two equally dedicated Apprentices eager to learn a new craft, hone their skills, and live out the valued discipline found at the core of its fruit.

In our Woodworks shop setting, you can visually experience and witness a true standard of quality reflected in our work ethic, in the products and services we offer, and in our open student/teacher dialogue. In addition, visitors will notice that Woodworks houses an array of professional and quality tools which provides a proper learning classroom and a professional setting for our apprentices.

At this time some of the exciting goods you can see being produced at Woodworks range from custom picture frames, attractive cheese boards, children’s pull toys, wooden puzzles, paint palettes, high end chop sticks, and more! Our two apprentices have the opportunity to experience the hands-on work from the beginning idea to the final handcrafted piece. This means drawing up a work plan, selecting our rough lumber (at times even reclaimed materials), milling and dimensioning, assembling, and applying quality finishes. Such steps as defined above become the coursework for our apprentices to learn terminology, tool use and identification, and understanding the different dynamics of the materials we use.

Your professional and passionate Artisan Woodworker and Apprentices at Woodworks excitedly look forward to creating products and sharing quality services in which you find enough value to bring into your home and those of your loved ones.

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Post by: Omar Acosta