Wonky Dolls

For our upcoming show, the Fiber Arts group was dedicated to making something new and fun for our young visitors to appreciate. Our new line of Wonky Dolls are fun characters, individually designed and created by our artists.

The process of making the Wonky dolls consists of many different stages. The artists first create a pattern from a sketch and then use a variety of different fabrics, buttons, and stitches to create each Wonky Doll’s special personality. The artists were inspired by music and conversations with the group as they came up with different ideas for their dolls. They were very excited to share their finished products as they completed each piece. Our artists were very dedicated to this project and enjoyed the process from start to finish.

We invite you to come and visit these fun Wonky Dolls on Friday, April 24 at our exhibition – Glimpse. We guarantee you will be charmed by their cuteness!

Wonky Dolls - basket 1   Wonky Dolls - SY working

Wonky Dolls - DD 2   Wonky Dolls - basket 2   Wonky Dolls - SY

Wonky Dolls - studio 1   Wonky Dolls - group of 3

Post by: Linette Garcia