A Celebration of Families

On May 13, 2015, staff and families gathered in West Hartford at the Pond House Café for Vinfen’s 3rd Annual Celebration of Families, hosted by Vinfen CT’s Family Advisory Council. For families, it was a night of celebration. For staff, the evening solidified why their jobs often do not feel like work at all.

The evening was full of compassionate speakers, including the Master of Ceremonies-John Holt, the newly appointed DDS Commissioner- Morna Murray, family member- Linda Lamy, and keynote speaker- Dick Hoyt.

An exciting part of the night for many was when Art Connection Studio artist, Daniel Fiorentino, made a speech about what it was like to be an artist. Art Connection Studio knows Dan as a passionate, kind-hearted individual who is one of its full time artists, attending the studio five days a week. It was undisputed that Dan did a phenomenal job on his speech. He had a grin from ear to ear as the Master of Ceremonies, a famous Sports Broadcaster, announced his name. Dan had prepared his speech with his parents, and with them by his side, was more than equipped to be in the spotlight. Only reading off of a few pieces of paper, the audience could feel that his words were from his heart. Dan received a much deserved standing ovation at the end of his speech. Tears of pride and joy were shed from Art Connection Studio’s table, as staff felt honored to have been able to share in his journey.

Congratulations, Dan!

DF Speech

Art Connection Studio’s artist, Daniel Fiorentino, giving his speech.

DF and Family

UH and Family   EK and DKSY and Family    ME and Family

Post by: Tara Burke