Art Connection Studio Teaches Workshop at Trinity College

On May 29, 2015, Trinity College hosted a “Healthy Living Retreat” for people with brain injury, and Art Connection Studio was invited to run an Art Therapy workshop. Mike Galaburri and Tara Burke were the Art Therapy Co-Presenters, accompanied by Benjamin Reyes, an Art Facilitator, Malley Chapman, an Art Therapy Intern from Albertus Magnus College, and artists Dan Fiorentino and Dorothea Davis.

Mike and Tara introduced Art Connection Studio’s work and philosophy. They spoke of how Art Therapy can be helpful for individuals affected by a brain injury. Tara and Ben, assisted by Dan and Dorothea, then led the audience in a collaborative painting workshop. Two 3 ft x 4 ft canvases were propped on large easels, with an array of pre-mixed paint on nearby tables. The audience members were asked to come up and take turns painting on either, or both, of the canvases. During the process Mike answered questions in the audience, while Malley documented the event. The hour long workshop went into a half hour overtime because the participants did not want to stop painting. Afterward, the audience members had an opportunity to discuss their experience. Everyone enjoyed the workshop, and Art Connection Studio was very grateful for the opportunity and  is looking forward to doing it again next year!

Post by: Mike Galaburri

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