Artist Spotlight: Lisa Leon

On May 22, 2015, the Center for Integrative Medicine hosted a reception for its exhibition, A Garden of Friends, featuring “a collection of artists’ works from the garden.” Art Connection Studio’s Lisa Leon was hand picked for the gallery exhibition for her playfully expressive acrylic painting portraying a vibrant array of flowers along with a friendly bumblebee. Her piece was previously displayed at Art Connection Studio’s Spring exhibition, Glimpse.

Lisa has been with Art Connection Studio since its very first exhibition. She currently attends two days a week, creating pieces in modalities such as painting and textiles. Lisa is the second of Art Connection Studio’s artists to feature their work independently.

Congratulations, Lisa!

We encourage you to see the show for yourself at Saint Francis Care in Hartford.



Untitled, Acrylic, 20″x20″


Lisa (right) with her family at the opening of Glimpse exhibition