Art Therapy at its Best!

Art Connection Studio has recently started a new studio class, Destination Painting.

Our artists are taking their gear outdoors! Staff and artists have begun traveling to local parks to find natural scenes that inspire beautiful, landscape paintings.

The group started its weekly trips several weeks ago after a burst of landscape paintings began emerging within the studio space. The hope was that bringing the artists into the natural environment would create a more meaningful connection to the work that was being created. The group began traveling to Wickham Park in Manchester, exploring the different views the park had to offer. The artists led the journey, deciding to create their new studio space at the Lotus Garden, where they were able to begin painting the pond scenery. The artists have worked very independently using the techniques they have acquired during painting classes at the studio. Many were inspired by the view and the tranquility of the park.

Overall, a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Post by: Linette Garcia