Artisan Bandsaw Box from Woodworks

Here is a beautiful example from Woodworks of a custom one of a kind Artisan Bandsaw Box.

The term Bandsaw Box derives from the practice of using a bandsaw as the main tool that will shape and style the box and drawer/s being created. Most bandsaw boxes are quite simple and, therefore, relatively easy and fun to make, with only a limited set of tools and skill sets usually available to most beginner woodworkers. Bandsaw boxes almost always consist of a flat bottom, a flat front and back surface and one creative profile that continues from the left to right side.

The example being shared here is advanced in design and skill level demonstrating that with a committed level of creativity and applied skill a woodworker can elevate a simple trinket into an heirloom piece. From your team of Artisan Woodworkers here at Woodworks, we hope you enjoy this introduction to the creative craft of making bandsaw boxes as much as we did making it!

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Post by: Omar Acosta