Artist Spotlight: Arnaldo Sanchez

“I like to create beautiful things. It makes me happy.” – Arnaldo Sanchez

Arnaldo joined Art Connection Studio in 2013, where he began participating in photography and drawing studios. Since then, Arnaldo has blossomed into an established artist who creates artworks that are both intricate and abstract, while utilizing bright colors. Arnaldo is very interested in photography and often finds much of his inspiration in photographs he takes or finds online. His favorite medium to work with is acrylic paint, but he has recently found a liking for illustration. Arnaldo has created and sold many art pieces during his time at Art Connection Studio and he is well respected for his attention to detail and ability to capture a quality of realism. Arnaldo plans to keep working hard on his art, as he continues his artistic career.

Post by: Chrissy Clarino

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