Angel Valdes – Woodworks’ Newest Apprentice

Woodworks Custom Projects and Frames would like to welcome its newest apprentice, Angel Valdes!

Angel joined the Woodworks team in August and has quickly become a great asset to our program. He demonstrates a high aptitude for learning all aspects of our shop’s operation. We are happy to say with complete certainty that our level of production and efficiency has increased as a result of Angel’s valuable commitment to work and quality.

Working at the tablesaw and using different sleds to make complex cuts has quickly become one of his favorite things to do in the shop. He constantly shares that he really enjoys working with his hands to create things and how much fun he is having at Woodworks. Angel’s most recent work ranges from a large custom frame presented to Vinfen Connecticut’s former Vice President, Elisa Velardo at her going away ceremony, to a large batch of small custom frames for our show, Woven on Friday, September 18.

Angel proudly takes ownership of Woodworks’ commitment to upholding high quality standards in our products and level of service. He also embraces the importance of our image, in which we place great value in the way it carries over to you, our customer. We hope you will take a moment to share in our pride of Angel’s good works.

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Post by: Omar Acosta