Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have heard time and time again that “I just love the energy here!”  and “This is an amazing place!” as guests tour our studio. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to ask some of the participating artists,

“What do you like /love most about Art Connection Studio?”

“I like being able to free my mind.”-Patricia W.

“I love drawing and painting because it calms me down and it is relaxing.”- Angel V.

“That it is AWESOME, relaxing and peaceful.” – Marilyn W.

“I love painting first and fore most, I also enjoy sewing, and trying new things. I like making earrings, pillows…I like the people here, they are good folks.” – Juan C.

“They have the best staff ever! I like all my old and new friends. I have the best time. I love painting the most, but also like Fiber Arts…really all the stations. I have wonderful staff here.”- Melissa C.

“I like to work on different projects.”- See Y.

“I like trying new techniques. I feel happy, calm and relaxed when I am at Art Connection Studio.” – Vicky P.

“Coming here is fascinating. I enjoy seeing all the art pictures. I didn’t know what it was and was scared when I started because I didn’t know anybody. I now see staff that I like, and feel comfortable doing artwork, and it makes me feel free and happy.” – Amanda U.

“I like doing jewelry. I like learning new stuff. It’s nice to be here because I have friends, and it is fun!” – Coretta C.

“I like my friends and the staff too. I like painting and drawing.”- Chris Ha.

“It’s a nice environment, great atmosphere, and everyone is friendly.” – Kyle G.

“I love to paint and draw.” – Brian C.

“That I get to come and do different types of art.” – Elizabeth B.

“I like coloring abstracts, and making jewelry.” – Teniesha S.

“I like painting, drawing and I like the music.” – Bryan C.

“I love it! I have so much fun!” – Calandra C.

“I love coming to Art Connection Studio to meet new people. Happy Valentine’s Day Art Connection Studio!” – Dan F.

“I like to try new things. I like to sew, I like to support my friends, and I like to do art and to be a good friend.” – Emma K.

” I think I like to make so many things here of course. I like mixed media and jewelry. Linette is the best! I like to do painting with Emma.” – Danielle K.

“I like to paint and draw, and I like to go on field trips for photography.” – Arnaldo S.

“It is fun and it’s relaxing.”- Tyler D


Happy Valentine’s Day from Art Connection Studio Artist’s and Staff!

Blog by Tara Burke

“As an Art Therapist, Art Facilitator and the Studio Coordinator I am honored to be part of the team at ACS. From day one in 2011, each day I walk through the door there is a positive energy that surrounds me. Whether it be an impromptu dance art party, endless giggles at lunchtime, or a quiet peacefulness that happens when the artists are really focused on their work…this is not a job; this is an amazing opportunity to make a difference and share our talents and support.” – Tara B.