On April 20, 2018,  Art Connection Studio opened their gallery once again, but this time it was to celebrate their 20th in house exhibition! The artists and staff anxiously waited for guests to arrive and admire the showcased pieces. Before 4:30 hit, the studio was full of wonderful energy and it continued passed the end time of 7. It was truly a majestic showcase.

Each show is different from the next. This particular one was honoring the Ebb and Flow of the season and nature. It’s main showcase was a  Living Art wall featured in the gallery space and throughout. Vibrant shades of yellow lured viewers around the gallery space until their eye’s rested on the calm purple gallery wall. Displayed on the purple were custom succulent wall hangings. Each one hand crafted with small treasures and delicate plant life.

Around the corner were more succulents, and then a natural transition to coral and aquamarine life. The coral wall displayed all of the intricate hand stitched pieces; inspired by the ocean life. The artists had spent many months stitching the detailed pieces that became a bag, wall hanging, pillow or canvas piece. The scene was set as if you walked right onto the beach.

In the back side of the studio was a large mural encasing the whole back wall. Intern, SarahWilkie, spear headed the mural project. Studying the subject of community partnerships she created this collaborative project that numerous artists had the opportunity to add their own mark to. The artists participated in the building of the mural from scratch, gessoing it, and then creating the masterpiece. The rolling waves were tied into the theme of the Ebb & Flow show.

In the back of the studio more aquatic masterpieces were displayed on the painting wall. Over 50 canvases adorned the walls! With over 60 artists participating in the studio, the walls are filled up in no time. Selecting what goes where is always a tricky dynamic, but there was a great flow from walking in the door to the back wall for this show.