Press Release-Elemental 08/16/13

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Contact: Michael Galaburrí

 Art Connection Studio
56 Arbor Street, Suite 206
Hartford, CT 06106

Art Connection Studio Presents an Interactive Art Experience and Exhibition

(Hartford, CT) August 8, 2013 — Art Connection Studio, an innovative community art center and gallery, presents an interactive art experience and exhibition, “Elemental: the Essentials of Creating.”

The gallery will display works by artists from many diverse backgrounds. The exhibition will offer a small variety of interactive displays for guests to experiment creatively. Creating works often involves responding to impulses to manipulate basic materials into forms and images that hold our attention while we reflect upon the object and its relation to ourselves and the world. The exhibition celebrates the eternal creative spirit and the benefits of art-making to transform lives.

The Vocational Arts Program at Art Connection Studio, a program of Vinfen, is a therapeutic arts-based vocational program, from which individuals explore the possibilities of art-making as a viable and meaningful profession. This therapeutic environment allows for individualized programming for personal success and creative self-expression.

The Vocational Arts Program provides specialized instruction in the areas of painting, mixed media, jewelry design, sculpture, fiber arts, creative photography, and screen printing. At the heart of this program is the belief that positive and nurturing relationships are a powerful agent for growth and healing.

Art Connection Studio is located at 56 Arbor Street, Suite 206, in Hartford, CT. The opening reception will be held on August 16, 2013 from 4:00-8:00 p.m. The show continues through September 2013. For gallery hours, arranging appointments, or more information please call 860.236.0705, email, or visit