Team building Workshops

Team Building Workshops

Art Connection Studio offers experiential, art-making workshops for corporate and healthcare professionals and also for employees from small businesses and organizations. Experience in art is not required. Typically, our attendees have little to no experience with art. We welcome all levels of experience.

We understand that many individuals often have busy work and personal lives. There is a cost associated with hard work, and therefore, a need for rest, replenishment, and recreation. We are at our best when we take time to renew ourselves. Art Connection Studio provides an opportunity to slow down for a while and to immerse oneself in art that is both nurturing and rejuvenating.

In the company of colleagues, we cultivate an environment that explores the potential and the challenges of working together. Our art facilitators create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere to make your experience enjoyable and memorable.

We recognize that one’s time is valuable. Here at Art Connection Studio, we believe art to be a unique vehicle for self-discovery and team building. It is important that the time making art at Art Connection Studio is ultimately spent to improve working relationships, interdependence, clarity of purpose, and an appreciation for what matters most for success.

Among the many potential benefits of art making for individuals and groups are:

  • relaxation
  • releasing tension (stress reduction)
  • exploring creativity
  • exercising intuitive thinking
  • supporting self-expression
  • increasing self-confidence
  • group cohesion & synergy
  • strengthening mutual trust
  • genuine and clear communication
  • bonding through playful interactions
  • increasing productivity
  • team building opportunities

Art Connection Studio offers two formats for art-making with your group:

  • Collaborative Group Painting
  • Independent Art Making in Groups

Collaborative Group Painting   (2 – 4 hour session)

This is a process that touches upon many aspects of group work. Everyone, including the facilitator, participates on a large canvas (3 x 4 ft. or 3 x 5 ft.) taking turns building up layers of paint. Often the momentum and excitement of creating the work brings a few individuals to paint at the same time. Some individuals may return to the canvas several times. In this kind of collaborative painting process, it is important that everyone has an opportunity to respond to the work by painting on the canvas, yet one should paint only when one feels moved to paint. No one should feel pressured to paint. Friendly encouragement and suggestions from the group can help those who may be unsure of what to do with the paint.

In this kind of painting, it is sometimes necessary to go over what a previous person has painted to keep the process going. Accidents are incorporated into the work. The painting changes over time in unexpected ways. Each person’s application is vital to the process.

Sometimes after enough paint has been added to the canvas, vague images of faces, animals, people, and other objects appear to emerge out of the painted surface. The group might decide to make images more defined or paint over them. Within the time allowed, the work is continued until the group feels they have painted enough. Often the painting will feel complete. The end resulting piece may be abstract or have recognizable subject matter. It is important to mention that the main intention is not to produce an aesthetically satisfying work of art, but rather the intent is to engage in a dialogue-like group process. Painting in collaboration on the same surface for any diverse or cohesive group of individuals has always been an enjoyable experience.

Independent Art-Making in Groups   (2 hour minimum session)

For anyone who would like to experiment with various materials, using a wide range of techniques, we offer Individualized Art Making in Groups. Individuals work on their own piece. Attendees often find it enjoyable to make art with co-workers, colleagues, and friends. You may work independently, in pairs, or small teams. The art facilitators are here to encourage exploration and to support your creative intentions. The art facilitators will help participants begin and develop works. The studio is a relaxing and judgment-free environment for individuals or groups to experience art-making.

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Our art studios have a variety of modalities:

  • Painting in Acrylic and Watercolor
  • Drawing and Mixed Media
  • Jewelry Design
  • Fiber Arts
  • Sculpture and Assemblage
  • Digital Photography

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