We are a community of artists, working in a Vocational Art Program as part of Vinfen Connecticut’s day services for individuals with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

The Vocational Arts Program provides specialized instruction in the areas of painting, mixed media, jewelry design, sculpture, paper & fiber arts, and creative photography. This program is unique and specialized in that concrete skill building is offered in a therapeutic milieu – unlike traditional vocational environments.

Our work is essentially about discovering one’s creativity and potential through professional relationships. Implicit to the fabric of the program is the cultivation of an artist identity and a sense of belonging to a community of peers. Artists are encouraged experiment with various techniques and materials, to find what brings them joy and a feeling of accomplishment. The artists learning to work together is not without challenges. Art Connection Studio’s staff and facilitators, including four art therapists, create an environment where artists can form relationships, promote wellness, and build the skills necessary to improve employment outcomes and thrive in the community.

At the heart of our program is a belief that positive and nurturing relationships are a powerful agent for growth.