Three Main Ways we Partner with the Community

  • Exhibitions in the community
  • Special projects and events
  • Hosting paint socials

Exhibitions in the Community
Besides exhibiting in our space at Arbor Street, Art Connection Studio has shown work throughout the Hartford area. Our artists have shown in venues such as Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Butler-McCook House and Amos Bull House of Connecticut Landmarks in Hartford, Saint Francis Center for Integrative Medicine, Hartford Public Library, Connecticut Office of the Arts, Greater Hartford Arts Council, and Aetna. We have also shown work in Rhode Island with the Consortium for Autism Research and Treatment.

Special Projects and Events
Several times a year we are asked to either speak, participate in, or create art with the public at special venues. We partnered in these ways with Trinity College, Manchester Community College, Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut, Hands on Hartford, Hartford Public Library, Town & County Club, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Greater Hartford Arts Council, and Voya Financial. We have also participated in Connecticut Arts Day and Open Studio Hartford.

Examples of projects and services include: creative art-making, installing artwork, demonstrations, panel discussions, and licensing images of artwork for holiday cards or other events

Hosting Paint Socials
Attendees will paint from images of landscapes, still life, etc., or paint an abstract piece. No art-making experience is needed; guidance in painting techniques will be given.

Art Connection Studio offers two formats for art-making with your group:

  • Individual Art-Making in Groups (2 hour minimum session)
    For anyone who would like to experiment with various materials, using a wide range of techniques, we offer individualized art-making in groups where individuals work on their own piece. Attendees often find it enjoyable to make art with co-workers, colleagues, and friends. Attendees may also work independently, in pairs, or in small teams. The art facilitators are there to encourage exploration and to support creative intentions. The art facilitators will help participants begin and develop works. The studio is a relaxing and judgment-free environment for individuals or groups to experience art-making.
  • Collaborative Group Painting (2 – 4-hour session)
    This is a process that touches upon many aspects of group work. Everyone, including the facilitator, participates on a large canvas (3 x 4 ft. or 3 x 5 ft.) taking turns building up layers of paint. In this kind of collaborative painting process, it is important that everyone has an opportunity to respond to the work by painting on the canvas. No one should feel pressured to paint. Friendly encouragement and suggestions from the group can help those who may be unsure of what to do with the paint.In this kind of painting, it is sometimes necessary to go over what a previous person has painted to keep the process going. Accidents are incorporated into the work. The painting changes over time in unexpected ways. Each person’s way of applying the paint is vital to the process.

    Sometimes after enough paint has been added to the canvas, vague images of faces, animals, people, and other objects appear to emerge out of the painted surface. The group might decide to make images more defined or paint over them. The resulting piece may be abstract or have recognizable subject matter. Painting in collaboration on the same surface for any diverse or cohesive group of individuals has always been an enjoyable experience.

For more information, contact Javiera Olhaberry: [email protected].