1st Exhibition 2011 10-28 Studio & Gallery Opening:

October 28, 2011, Hartford, CT —Art Connection @ Vinfen, for the first time, opens its studio & gallery space to exhibit works of its member-artists at Arbors Art Center in Hartford, CT. The gallery currently displays various works in painting, mixed media, jewelry design and textile design. The exhibit celebrates the creative spirit and benefits of art-making to transform lives.

The Art Connection is a therapeutically based vocational arts program from which individuals will be able to move forward with art as a viable and meaningful profession. At the heart of this program is the belief that positive and nurturing relationships are a powerful agent for growth and healing. The Art Connection provides specialized vocational instruction in the areas of painting, mixed media, jewelry design, and textile design, soon to include illustration, screen printing, and photography. This program is unique and specialized in that concrete skill building is offered in a therapeutic milieu ─ unlike traditional vocational environments. This therapeutic environment allows for individualized programming for maximum success.

Source: Michael Galaburrí, Vocational Arts Facilitator, the Art Connection @ Vinfen